Abundance Galore!

Month: August 2021

Part of our desire to establish Trove is to enable more people to be connected to the marvellous local independent food suppliers up and down the country on a more frequent basis. There are over 5,400 butchers, 4,000 farm shops, 2,400 greengrocers, 4,500 bakeries and 950 fishmongers in the UK not to forget over 8,000 dairies.  That is a whole lot of knowledge, product, and variety to explore. 

We knew from being customers ourselves that these retailers stock an extensive range of food items that are not always easy to find in a mainstream supermarket. But even we were taken by surprise when our very first supplier, Hook Norton Butchers, had over 900 product items alone!  It was an exciting moment for us and reinforced why we have set up this business – there is abundance on our doorsteps! Just two of our initial suppliers combined will offer 47 different types of cheese and pretty much every type of deli product you could imagine, all this in addition to your regular meat, veg, fruit, and bakery items. Local food retailers are entrepreneurs in the community who inject a passion into their businesses and bring delight to customers with phenomenal product! 

Abundance of good quality and accessible food from local independent retailers is closer than you think, and Trove is here to help you unlock the goodies within! So, before you head to the supermarket, check out your local food retailers first…