1. Retaining money in your local community

This is a big motivation behind Trove. We are so passionate about retaining more consumer spending within local communities. We enable independent businesses to thrive and encourage new ones to open knowing they can access a network of customers. This will create more local employment to the benefit of the whole community.

2. Higher quality and better tasting food

We aim to promote fresh locally produced food. This tends to have been recently picked therefore fresher and better tasting. At Trove we know consumers demand variety which means some items will be grown abroad out of UK season. However, we aim to promote season eating and the “best of British” at different times of year.

3. Better nutrition

What’s not to love about getting more nutritional bang for your buck by just simply swapping to shopping locally?! Eating locally produced food is a very simple way to improve your overall nutritional intake. As soon as fruit and veg are picked their nutrients start to degrade. Buying locally and fresh should mean better nutrition for you.

4. Unique products

We support any business involved with local food – be it a producer, supplier, or retailer. We have found so many brilliant local businesses creating unique product that really is impossible to find anywhere else! From honey direct from local hives to curry sauces and chutneys to kombucha – we are uncovering new products all the time.

The carbon miles of your food

Love local food

5. Shorter food miles

When we source local food, we can get it direct from the farm to the table in a much quicker time. This saves transportation and energy costs for both supplier and consumer. Supermarket “fresh food” may have travelled miles and been subject to far more handling, storage, and packaging.