We have certainly heard, and seen in the stats, that people desire to shop locally and support their community.  However, we know this is not always easy – or certainly not perceived to be easy.  So, here are a few key barriers and how Trove can help:

Parking dilemmas resolved with Trove

A key barrier to shopping locally can be down to something as simple as accessible parking! People feel either frustrated trying to find a free parking space or having to pay expensive car parking fees.  By shopping locally with Trove you will cut of this issue as we can delivery direct to your door for a price often less than the cost of parking plus the petrol to drive there.

“It’s too expensive” – not when you shop for what you really need…

There can be a misconception that shopping locally costs a lot more than a supermarket shop. Not so! Many local retailers will run product discounts and promotions, particularly when in season, which means you can buy items you want rather than just being tempted by multi-buy offers from the supermarket. These “offers” can make it easy to waste money on products shoppers end up not actually needing or liking. More likely than not adding to the mountain of food waste consumers already produce. Shop for what you really need, and our guess is you can source pretty much all of it close to your doorstep.

Limited range – we most certainly beg to differ!

In this point we certainly beg to differ! On Trove you can pretty much complete a “full basket shop” meaning you can access most ingredients needed for a wholesome meal. We have 1,000 stock items and 50 different cheese varieties alone! The advantage of shopping online through Trove is the ability to see all off the products on offer locally at your convenience online without the concern of going to the shop only to find the items you want are not in stock.

It is our aim to keep the connection to local stores by providing an engaging online presence for retailers to reach more customers. If by using Trove for your regularly weekly it also encourages more loyalty to drop by those retailers in person when you can, we will be very happy indeed!