Support local, do good, live well

Trove is an online grocery delivery company that delivers food, drink and provisions from the independent retailers in your area in one drop. It’s just like doing a normal online shop, but thinking local first.

Shop all your favourite local foods and products online, without actually having to go shopping, while feeling good about knowing where your food comes from and supporting your community.

Our products are packaged sustainably and our delivery service cuts down on food miles and carbon emissions.

And our local fresh food retailers, producers and suppliers care about taste, provenance and authenticity as much as we do. They are experts in their fields and can advise on everything from the best seasonal vegetables to eat right now to ideal cuts of meat for our recipes.

Our purpose

We’re creating a movement! We’re the antithesis of on-demand delivery companies and faceless supermarkets. We want everyone to benefit from goods that excite and inspire.

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We support local

We support our communities by opening doors and inviting collaboration.

We enable local businesses to access more local customers.

We empower local people by creating employment in local areas directly through our driver network and indirectly by supporting our trove partners to employ local staff.

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We care

You can trust us and our suppliers to provide you with delicious, fresh food, high-quality products and a seamless everyday shopping experience.

We blend traditional retail values – independent businesses, high-quality goods and excellent service – with a modern online presence.

We’re improving lives through reviving local connections and a passion for products that inspire you to eat well and trust in what you're consuming.

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We’re sustainable

Our local food delivery service reduces food miles, carbon emissions and plastic packaging as well as supporting sustainable local economies for future generations.

We use recyclable packaging.

We empower you to revive sustainable, local shopping habits, preserve your local communities and eat real food, with real taste.

Our trove tale

Once upon a time, there was a lady called Flic who found herself on maternity leave. During this time, she was able to visit all of her wonderful local food stores and buy delicious eats. She visited the butcher and the baker (she skipped the candlestick maker), and stocked up on seasonal locally sourced goodies. Her family enjoyed tasty food, her bin was no longer full of plastic packaging and her heart was full of joy as she spent her hard-earned pennies supporting local businesses.

BUT THEN... she went back to work. The local shops weren't open late, she couldn’t order online and they didn’t deliver.

So what did she do? She had a great idea! What if there was a way of ordering online and getting a delivery from all of these wonderful shops in just one drop? Flic told her old friend Tor about this idea and they popped their thinking caps on, rolled up their sleeves and The Local Trove was born.

The local shops, all of their friendly staff and several hard-working people in the trove office lived happily ever after.