Got Questions? We have some answers

Below are some of the questions we frequently get asked by customers and partners

For customers

Customers are welcome to order once, or every week, it is up to you.  We don’t have any subscription or membership contract so just give it a try and see if it works for you!

We make sure all the suppliers on the platform are reliable local independent retailers who already have lots of local loyal customers.  We just want to help them reach a bigger range of customers while they concentrate on doing what they do best.

A delivery will cost £3 no matter how many suppliers we collect from on your behalf so just fill your basket and we will do the rest.

You can make changes to your order any time up to 48hours before delivery.  This reduces waste for our suppliers and makes sure we get you everything you need.

Our boxes are designed to keep you fresh produce in tiptop condition, even if they are left outside for a few hours so all you need to do is leave your box out, and let us know where!  Even though the boxes are made from fully recyclable cardboard they are designed for our great British weather too.

For Suppliers

There is a % fee charged to the supplier to cover the marketing, technology and transaction fees.​

You do! Each partner sets the prices for their items and can easily amend them for promotions or fluctuations in cost.​

Trove will come and photograph all of your products in line with their guidelines

Trove handle all of the customer interactions.​

If you do not already use plastic-free packaging, trove can supply alternative packaging.​

We will be delivering to defined postcode areas offering urban and rural communities access to the service.